Verdugo Hills Golf Course


The following sections of the Draft EIR have been recirculated for public comment:

  • Updated Traffic Section
  • Updated Cultural Resources Section
  • New Greenhouse Gas Emissions Section
  • New 86-unit Equestrian Estates Alternative
  • New 221-unit Residential Alternative

It’s important that everyone who cares about saving the Verdugo Hills Golf Course read and comment on at least one of the recirculated sections. The deadline for public comments was originally January 19, 2016, but thanks to the many requests for an extension, the new deadline is February 3, 2016.

To get a copy of the recirculated sections of the Draft EIR, CLICK HERE.

  • You do not have to comment on every Section. Pick the one that you know the most about. Compare the revised Section to the original section in the Draft EIR. To find the original Draft EIR, CLICK HERE.
  • Ask yourself, why they might have decided to recirculate this section of the EIR. Are they showing more impacts than originally? Are they showing fewer impacts? Either way, do you agree with the revised Section?
  • Bring up all possible objections and concerns that you have about the revised Sections of the EIR.
  • Your comments should be as clear and explicit as possible and include the factual information or legal theories upon which they are based

Remember, you are the local expert–not the preparers of the Environmental Impact Report, or even the City of Los Angeles. You live here. You know this area better than anyone else. This gives you the right to comment and be taken seriously. Also, if you know of any experts in these areas who might want to help, please give us their contact information so we can use their assistance in our review of the EIR.

Send your comments before February 3, 2016 to:
Erin Strelich, City Planning Associate
Los Angeles Department of City Planning
200 North Spring Street, Room 750
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Fax: (213) 978-1351